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Default Something Is Not Right. The Story Does Not Add Up.

I think we should take a step back.

Firstly, you do not have a car "wired" or "booby trapped" with explosives and then drive it at a checkpoint firing at Iraqi coppers.

If it was wired I'd like to see the photo's as they have photographed all the other possessions of these saps. I might add that NOTHING in those photo's indicated to me that these guys were anything other than intelligence gathering. As for the disguises? So what. They are gathering intelligence.

The SAS do not wander up to checkpoints firing...and then get caught. ABSOLOUTE suicide! Iraqi coppers have cars, radio's and guns...come on people!

I propose another scenario. The poms were surveilling Iraqi Coppers looking for insurgency co-operation...or perhaps illegal activities such as drug running etc...

They were caught and the local Iraqi commander is spinning shit to cover his own arse.

The prison wall was knocked down because these guys were in real danger.

I hope it's clear that i have no love for the occupation of Iraq. I do however know bullshit when i see and most of all smell it.

Till some more "facts" appear I find the Iraqi version of events simply NOT believable.

I am more than willing to stand corrected.
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