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Default Re: Jewish Dominance in the Porn Industry

nomad wrote:
this wrote:
Nomad, on this intelligence thing...

It is so easy for you to adopt and put forward the view that all the assholes who ever succeed financially are somehow what the rest of us secretly want to be.

That is because in a defunct economic system, devoid of any morality, only measured in numbers, those types have an 'unfair' advantage. And we're okay with that. When they get hoist on their own petard like Sir Conrad Black, guess what? We're not surprised.

The whole 'dog eat dog' mentality you champion implies first that we are dogs, and second that killing each other is not only acceptable but beneficial. It is also Dialectic Materialism which we should all be steeped in by now, and not notice.
This ... if the goyim were a little smarter

do you really believe we would be in this mess ??
Nomad, if the Jews are so smart, why don't THEY take the RESPONSIBILITY that goes with INTELLIGENCE, WISDOM and POWER and USE it WISELY for ALL mankind instead of ABUSING it and destroying Western civilization for their own profit?

Oh yes, I remember: because they don't include Goyim in Mankind. Goyim are animals.

Nomad, you really amaze me sometimes. You're obviously not addressing the issues THIS brings up.
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