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Default Re: The Truth About Jesus


First of all you keep insisting on using your bible, the Muslim Quuran, to talk about a God who is not your own God.

I think most who are insightful enough to know better, will not take advice about the "real Jesus" or truth about Him from a Muslim man. Everytime you post on here about God and then God relating to Jesus, you ultimately end up making your own blend of faith, combining, at your own will, words from your bible and our Bible and then a lot of lies about Jesus who is God alone.

The next time you talk about my LORD, I encourage you to say, "This is mine, Ahmad's opinion about Jesus". Because, unless you have had a redemptive experience in your life, where you can call Jesus Christ your Saviour and Lord, you are not going to have anything legitimite or credible to say about Christ in a deep or meaningful way. And, even if you were new to the faith and a baby Christian, at least you would know and understand Jesus Christ as God and part of the triune Godhead.

Everytime you come on here trying to promote the new world order's faith (one world one "god", without true redemption in Jesus Christ alone), you are in serious danger of having your lies throw off men and women coming here from knowing and understanding about the true God/Jesus Christ.

God's Word says you will be accountable for this, and that teachers who give false teaching, it would be better for them that a milestone had been hung around their necks, and that they fell to the bottom of the sea.

I see what you do here Ahmad, constantly lying about God the Father AND Jesus AND the Bible, then placing titles out there like: "the truth about Jesus" etc. As if you would know a thing about that as a Muslim man sharing nontruths/lies about my Lord.

What you are doing is deceitful, dishonest and a shame. I will write this because I care enough about the souls here to not see you keep writing and call you on it, if I can, when I can, when you do.

God's Word says :"Do you think the One who made the eyes cannot see, the One who made the ears cannot hear?"

You are in for trouble Ahmad, not just to the peril of your soul, but the dire occurances that wait you through God's wrath by purposefully seeking to turn souls from the Truth, Christ Jesus. Thus depriving them of the Truth to save bless and protect them in this life and the one to come.
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