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Default Re: The Truth About Jesus

Everytime you come on here trying to promote the new world order's faith (one world one "god", without true redemption in Jesus Christ alone), you are in serious danger of having your lies throw off men and women coming here from knowing and understanding about the true God/Jesus Christ.
Based on the response I have noted to these topics, I don't see that happening, i. e., no significant number of converts being proselytized in Ahmad's direction, but I concur with your observation.
This seems like a really anal sticking point of dogma, i. e., whether Jesus or Muhammad should be worshipped along with God or simply revered as servants of the Almighty. A wedge issue, the specialty of the NWO -- and the basis for most recent political campaigns.
If one is to deconstruct this entire idol worship issue, it can devolve through endless levels. For instance, the Ark of the Covenant was not supposed to be a form of idol worship, even though it is revered as one of the great religious icons of all time.
Are temples, mosques, churches really necessry, or do they become idolatrous distractions at times? Botton line, if you look to closely at anything, you can see only its defects and lose sight of its true beauty and purpose. And that in itself is a distraction that borders on addiction which borders on idol worship.
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