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Default Re: The Truth About Jesus

This seems like a really anal sticking point of dogma, i. e., whether Jesus or Muhammad should be worshipped along with God or simply revered as servants of the Almighty. A wedge issue, the specialty of the NWO -- and the basis for most recent political campaigns.
Freeman thank you, no one likes to be "anal" or feel they are talking that way. But the truth remains, Jesus Christ is a significant difference from Muhammad..One is God (Jesus) and one is not.

It means the very difference of the souls of men. The faith's direction determines Heaven or Hell and their life upon this earth.

As for the NWO I don't really give a hoot about their dialectics or techniques or wishes to "divide faiths", Christ came to divide, by bringing a sword to divide light and darkness.He told us men would not like this who do not know Him or who are blind to Him spiritually.

No one is interested in arguing for arguings sake.. I don't like arguing for non arguings sake..The point is the man is coming here daily and his words grossly misrepresent my Lord, the truth about Him and the truth about the salvation of men's souls.

I wish it were just some "anal" thing and I could say it's "my" issue but it's not..It is God's issue, but it becomes mine, in part, when I become His child and am held in part responsible, as best I can, to lead people to truth.

The choice between Jesus Christ and (any other 'god') is the choice between life and death, literally and figuratively.

To me it is that important the choice men make. As I'm sure it is for you.
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