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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

You would have prevented 500+ people from knowing about this information if I had followed your advice.I am sure some of them are very grateful to learn about this important alternative view.
I have one thread, why does that bother you?
You are very unstable and unselfdisciplined because you swore to stay away and then very soon come back.

Here I quote and agree with lynns_shadow:


I can speak for myself, and for Christians, and about being a Christian, and Jesus,

you can’t speak for me.

What you’ve said about yourself says volumes, unfortunately, by saying not a word about yourself, but me. Me, who you do not know and know nothing about. I, on the other hand, can share from the perspective of who (Jesus Christ) and what (Christians and myself ) I do know.

You Mary, are looking to talk on and on and on, quite erroneously, about who (me) and what (me and Christians) you, clearly, don’t know about.

When you come out of your state mary, perhaps we can talk. ‘Til then, and in the meantime, when it comes to these topics, respectfully, you know nothing.

Why? Because, you don’t know about me, and you don’t know about we Christians, you’re not one.

P.S. I mean it about “state” Mary, you sound a bit stressed there hon.

And as for all your personal insults of me, that’s all they are, catty female insults.

A lot of women talk this way out of envy, and/or when they really have not much knowledge on a topic. Often it is a byproduct of ego frustration or hormones.

Seems if you can’t be the gal in focus in the room you’ve got to cut down the one who is at that moment, huh mary? How sad..

Stick to what you may know of mary, if you do, stick to that and be kind and positive. That seems to be your strength and forte',in looking to see your best.. You know nothing of me or this topic. It is clear.

And please don’t address me anymore, mary.

I’ve found your approach, and your comments to me, only replies that are out-of-turn, as I am always addressing OTHERS when you reply.

Also, your replies to me have been nothing BUT putdowns of me personally, or Christians in general. Catty is never a pretty piece in a woman’s wardrobe Mary. You ought to buy a new one.It is never attractive ;- )

One more thing Mary.

Ignorance is not “hate” but ignorance, and “hate” is not ignorance it is “hate”.

Since you seem to display both in such liberal amounts towards both me and Christians, I am surprised you don’t know the meanings better.

I am, here, as I understand, free to defend my faith, and mention who I think or feel is not defining my faith.

The faith I define is not "mutually exclusive", but how the vast majority of Christians see things.

That's just a fact

The fact that you must personally attack me for that, speaks more about you personally and your ways Mary, than anything else.

I think you ought to find another to bully Mary. All your words about “judging” to me only end up judging you.
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