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Default Re: so what's the story about soy bean producing excess estrogen in the body?

I don't know, Thumper, what is the problem with soy bean producing excess estrogen?

Should I search the web for resources or might you have some answers?

Although I am menopausal, I do not take HRT. As we know, the FDA warned about the high risk of HRT causing cancer and many physicians who had previously prescribed HRT for their patients; advised them to discontinue use.

At present, I believe HRT is still being presribed as if the warning was not issued at all.

An alternative choice would be a natural remedy over the counter, black cohash and/or soy.

My body is going through changes due to menopause and the loss of hormones; and I have tried black cohash/soy, but they do not agree with me.

Seems there isn't a drug they can produce that can cure our ill without killing us in the process.
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