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Default Re: What is the big deal about 'growth'?

Simply enough . . . the corporation is designed in such a way that the only goal of the process is to grow. That's why the saying goes, "If we're not growing, we're dying."

The only purpose of a corporation is to make money, as much of it as fast as it can. It then takes the earnings, and attempts to grow. You have to remember now, that the profit a corporation makes doesn't actually belong to anyone. So what else is the profit going to be spent on? Its going to be spent on investments to make more money.

If XO Bank makes 10,000,000 in one year of operation in profit, this mans that it can purchase another building in which to open a second branch. If each bank makes 10,000,000 that year, then each one can open up another branch. Now its not the individual banks that actually open the new locations, but since the money is all thrown into one pot, this is what you get.

Now this company in the article seems to not be worried about growing the population, but they want to be able to provide their service to all of the population at all times. They don't want to have to send business elsewhere. That's why they want to grow . . . so they can make more money.

And I do call the government a corporation, as well . . . because they have the same basic purpose as any corporation . . . the difference is, they don't provide services in the same way. They take in money from taxes, so they can provide services to others.

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