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Default Re: so what's the story about soy bean producing excess estrogen in the body?

Here, try this one on as a possibility.

Think about sewers, and you'll have your answer.

More and more women are using birth control all over the world these days. Only about 20% of the hormones in birth control pills are actually absorbed by a woman's body. the rest is evacuated in urine.

The urine is then flushed down into the sewr system, where it is processed by a sewage plant. The digested, fecal and urinary matter, as well as everything else that may go down a drain is filtered out in a variety of ways.

The only thing is, the hormones that are constantly being flushed down the toilet are not cleaned out of the water.

Now, when the water gets pumped back into the ocean, its not just water. It is now water+female pregnancy hormones. Eventually, this will gat back to the water sources.

Now many people have been blaming fast food and the hormones that they give the cows for early development in girls, but there may be another culprit in this form.

Yet again, the drug companies (dealers) in this country has found a way to fuck up the balance.

Oh, by the way, this hormones in the water could also explain why there was a spike in homosexuality in men these days.

Just something added to chew on.


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