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Default Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint

Actually, Rushie, I read as far as you mentioning Lynn, and I could be mistaken, and...

I believe we have made peace, of a sort.

I actually agree with most things she says, bar her judging non-christian humanity to hell viewpoint and that is what makes her posts, as opposed to yours, more interesting and enlightening to read. I, myself, am guilty of judging others, so who am I, to judge Lynn?

What I like about Lynn, is she does speak from her heart. She has a genuine faith. That comes through loud and clear. A shame more of us could not be so convicted to what we believe.

Lynn says what she believes, please or offend and her responses are now direct and to her point - minus the venom. I admire that. She says what she means and she obviously cares or she would say nothing. That also comes through loud and clear.

In my mind, I don't have to agree with her on everything as I value understanding people's perspectives... it aids me into understanding my own thoughts and feelings better.

So wine on, my dear. I still read what Lynn posts, from beginning to end, whereas I skim over yours as it's usually a repeat performance, of something you have already typed, or someone else's theories, as opposed to your own original thought.

Rant on, my dear. It does amuse me.


P.S. I just went back and read your post, or shall I say Lynn's comments. Bully for her, she is more of a man than you. And she is obviously a woman. You had to use her words to defend yourself?

The word jackass comes to my mind.

Hiding behind's Lynn apron strings, are we? Have an original thought duckie? Trying to stir up the coals? Give me a break.

Boo hoo hoo
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :-x
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