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Default Re: Quake of America, 119 2005

Peace be upon you all,

Hi Freeman and DarkChilde3D, actually i haven't been following the site that much recently, however i decided not to participate because of the increasing number of members attributing God's retribution to Humans, Haarp...etc!

And to those i want to say that no human being can do/control anything against God's will, which means simply that even if they have that technology (which i really doubt) they can not do however they like with it.

You shall wake up people and realise that God is angry with America. Yesterday i watched on the CNN the announcer asking an "expert"; 'why America? why is there a sudden rise in natural disasters? is it global warming?' . The expert answered laughingly: 'We don't know! '.

God says that He never annihilates any community while its people are righteous, look at the Mardi Gras, is it righteous? Look at the thousands of innocent civilians that America has killed in recent years, the natural resources it is sucking from Africa and elsewhere leaving the people die of hunger, the corruption inside and outside.

And then they wonder, why two hurricans back to back!

These are but warning signs in a short road leading to the Quake of all time, i urge everybody to watch the 5 minutes video that my brother Zakaria has developed, and pass it to everyone you know that someone maybe saved.

God\'s alternative, USN

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