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Default Re: Jesus Did State He Was God; Here's the Proof!

There are many good people following the different faiths of the world, in my books.

I consider myself blessed with the opportunity to relate to the life of Jesus Christ. I think we are lucky, as Christians, to have such a terrific role model.

The more I question, the more I believe he was divinely inspired. Perhaps to the conception of his birth. I didn't used to believe that was the the truth. I questioned it.

The more I question, the more I keep coming back to the only conclusion I can reach... God on earth in the flesh. God's chosen son, a piece of God like my kids are a piece of me.

A unified force to let humanity realise its full potential... family is for life. Love is eternal. We are part of God's family. He claims us, when we know not him, nor his love. Also, a loving parent will teach his child, even if that requires punishent.

There is a mile of difference between doing something out of love and out of hate.

Maybe the holy spirit is the love that flows from God and into humanity, if they open up their hearts?

Mary XXX
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