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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

Very little thought is required to see that the Evolutionary Origins Account and the Biblical Origins Account are mutually exclusive. If one tries to put them together--choosing to believe that both are true. i.e., that God is still real but he just created through a "scientific" 15 billion year evolutionary process rather than the Biblical six day process--they are forced to be double-minded for two reasons:

1) They are trying to believe in an evolution based "scientific concept" that claims to be totally secular and independent of any need for "god" while at the same time they must believe in a "Biblical concept" which rejects all evolutionism and which calls on all believers to be totally dependent on God for all their needs and for eternal life.

2) They are trying--most without knowing what they are really doing--to be followers of an anti-Bible, anti-Christ religion which advocates the factless 15 billion year Big Bang evolutionary model (with or without "g’d", as you prefer). This religion is Talmud/ Kabbala-based Phariseeism, today’s version of the Pharisees who killed Jesus (HERE)...[contrary to what this Pope has said.]... You can find a summation of today’s anti-Christ Kabbalist Kosmology (HERE - HERE).
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