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Default Hurricaine Practice?

Good afternoon. As a new poster, still feeling my way around so to speak, this may be out of order, in which case, my apology. I have a question for my American cousins?

Sitting in England watching the scenes from Katrina and Rita, a thought occurred.

Katrina cound have been solved by moving food, aid and troops INTO New Orleans, not by moving the masses out.

You cannot tell me that a city like Houston, the 4th biggest in the US I think, cannot withstand Rita?

so my question is this.

Is the Federal Government using Katrina and Rita to PRACTICE the mass movement and control of millions of US citizens?

in the event of a major terrorist attack, ie: a dirty nuke in a metro area, sarin gas released, coordinated bombs in a wide metro area - people would need to relocate on mass very quickly.

and it seems the US Government has learned many lessons from Katrina and Rita.


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