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Default Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint

So Mary, then you mean the following comments by another member about your abusive character are no longer true? I'm so glad to hear that.
Well Mary, this, above, is you..

That's fine.

As I said forgiveness does not mean we are to so much like a person or be interested in their friendship or what they have to say, or like their way of being.

Though I do forgive your crude and unkind talk and behavior towards me here Mary, henceforth I have no interest whatsoever in talking to you or about you anymore, in anyway.

I won't go on with my insights or opinions about you or how I find you to be or not.

I will simply say, I find you, your words, your spirit, and your conduct in general, and about me specifically here, as well as your comments about we Christians, calavier, callous, and only set to make yourself the center of attention, for better or worse, and I've seen no "better".

I don't have to explain my time here, my hours or my life to you. Nor anyone here.

For the future, your comments to or about me, will remain sufficient for all the world to see, in this forum, as the bitter, unkind things they are. Again, no more no less.

I wish no more dialogue with the "like" of YOU.

As I said before, your words here talk more about you than a million I could ever produce.

You will no longer be a source of my attention or dialogue here, Mary.

I suppose you'll have to find someone else to spitefully dump on and pick on and make a target of your silly, senseless, and cruel, bitter diatribes.

My apology, for any of those original words that hurt, stands.

I don't expct one from you, and I should think it would only be a synthetic one to make you feel better about yourself in a crowd. For me it was and is sincere. But you can add this post to it, to be fair to all.

I won't have any part of you anymore on here Mary.

I do not like your style, or way of speaking.

I find you to be harping on a thing all night long and milking an issue just to try to keep a semblence of "dignity" here.

Take your dog-like behavior to some other place or person marypopinz.

I am a woman and a human being. Not your lamppost or firehydrant, where you may freely "poop" out all your sordid ..longwindied and unkind egosim on me.
What is essential is invisible to the eye..
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