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Default Re: A lot of bigotry here, I notice (RANT TIME)

Saturnino wrote:
And about Wicca...nobody can love Jesus as he says and support Wicca: those are diametrically different worldviews and spiritual positions. Wiccans hate and despise Christians more than anyone else in the world.
Wiccans are about the earth as they see it. An entity with no clear face other than a name, and other souls on it. They enable those disenfranchised with religious doctrine to believe in something other than birth, death, and oblivion.

Wiccans have their own formula for fostering the soul, much like Christianity.

If a Christian and a Wiccan help a frail woman across a street crossing because she is in strife, whom is more or less correct in Jesus's/God's/Mother Earth's eyes?

Goodness of heart is goodness in any language, any religion, or any incarnation, Saturnino.

We've clashed in the past, but I care about my fellow humans regardless of their immediate cares.

I can be wrong, you can be wrong, we all can be wrong, and right and wrong again.

Is love and caring so wrong when the labels aren't the same?

I remember from my Catholic school lessons that Jesus hung out with non religious everyday peoples and formed his following from them. Made them his apostles, his clergy, and his people. Anyone who came upon them was judged on merit and not affiliation.

Something to think about.
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