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Default Re: The Rule of Quantity Over Quality - The Myth of Democracy

Draken wrote:
I live my own life not yours.
You have no choice, never had.
No choice? Are you nun, priest, or dictator?

Who cares what one man, one race, one persuasion finds to be true.
I do believe it to be a likely scenario that there exists people more intelligent than both you and me, put together. Although putting you in the equation really don't add much.
And of course you'd blindly follow "whatever" they may "say"? :roll:

We're all different, yet unique.
That's funny. Isn't that stating the same thing twice? :-D
Only if the religious zealot doesn't catch the gist the first time around.

You can't force doctrine and expect it to be followed because an "expert" proposed it.
Like it was possible to force anything on anyone over the net. Did I force you to read this thread? Oh, I'm so sorry. Poor Nex.
Great, you've just exonerated me for performing less than PC acts in real life because it doesn't effect your online activities (unless I'm an uncanny skip tracer and marksman)

You really have no idea who this guy you call "expert" is, do you?
How about Francis Parker Yockey? Nope?

Well, I tried. I really did.;-)
I haven't got a current copy of False Idols Quarterly. By all means assail me with "his" doctrine. I welcome other's ideas on how I should live my life, and assign extra points if the author makes me comply.
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