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BlueAngel wrote:
Damn it, I'm suppose to have a "bone density" scan on that day.

What's happening on October 6th, Karen?
What kind of drugs are you taking?
What kind of drugs are you on? Are you a victim of Montauk?
Are you on an acid trip?
Yes, remember, there is a wizard in OZ!!-------------WE SHOULD KNOW
Did you just drop some PCP?
No, unlike me would be more LIKE it!--------------do you mean this to be sensible
I haven't gone under the radar?

Oh, dear, oh, my, I was hoping this not to be true!

What is a poor girl to do???--------you are female, poor, and a flight controller???????????????????
Are you on an acid trip?-------this is a repeat--do better your mind (not brain) must be filled with insults, that is what you think they are is it not.
Are you on an acid trip?--------repeat
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