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Default Re: Hitler was rewarded for his service

As someone who has read extensively on Hitler, I find the claims ridiculous INSTITUTE...unless every book I read was a lie.

Hitler was a man looking for a cause and he found one. Perhaps he was even born to it.

He was thrust to the top and then Hitler did what Hitler did best...applied his own "will" and not that of others. Hence his nescessary destruction.

Time and again in the literature you read accounts of Hitlers willfull stubborness and REFUSAL to buckle and cow to ANYONE!

Hitler admired Christ as a "man" who confronted the spiritually corrupt masters of the time.

He is quoted in Hugh Trevor Ropers book "Hitlers Table Talk" as saying of organised religion in Germany..."we will let it wither on the vine".

From what I can gather Hitler would be a "Luciferian/Rationalist" in that he believed in the power of his own will over others. He believed he was sent to rescue European Culture from the degradation of Bolshevism. For that he believed the materialist Jew responsable.

He loved Wagners "Parsifal Overture". He beleived that one must take up the mantle of "hero" to begin to do the work of God.

There is a great deal of respect for Hitler in many circles where you would'nt expect to find it. Nearly ALL tyrants are cowards and Stalin was certainly one. Many of the Prussian Officer Class who despised Hitler had to admit...he was more Teuton Knight than they would ever be.

There is not a snowball chance in hell he was "spirited" away by the Rothchilds or David Icke and an army of lizards.

But again...maybe all my sources are compromised.
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