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Default Re: Hitler was rewarded for his service

I'm having a hard time accepting this scenario as well. First of all, Hitler was not a coward, as his WWI service record indicates. I do not believe he would flee when cornered, but rather seize the initiative and deny his enemies the ultmate victory by taking his own life.
More importantly, I do not believe that there is any true loyalty witin the NWO. It is a Satanic conspiracy, and the hallmarks of Satanism are lying and the doublecross. As The Protocols and other sources indicate, the Illuminati are willing to sacrifce as many of their operatives as possible in order to achieve their ultimate objective of world dominance. Yet they still have the problem of maintaining morale like any military organization, especially since the incentive used to motivate all levels of their hierarchy is the false promise that they will be able to advance themselves eventually to a level where they can no longer be hurt or traumatized themselves.
So they must make it appear that they have not been disloyal to their own in order to maintain control of their rank and file. Hence the incredible canards like Hitler's escape or Lincoln actually being assassinated by his wife instead of John Wilkes Booth in order to create the illusion that they will not eliminate their own agents like so much disposable chatttel.
A closer examination of the facts argues otherwise. Like Kennedy, Lincoln challenged the monetary control of the central banksters. No one who has committed this ultimate infraction has been permitted to live by the NWO. Hitler also printed his own currency at the height of his regime.
When it comes to the proliferation of this conspiracy, none of its ruling elites, including the Rothschilds, display any sentimentality on the basis of bloodlines or any other consideration. IMO the only reason why they attempt to recruit their operatives through Satanic bloodlines is their belief similar to Edgar Steele that "culture gone to seed is genetic", i. e., that their evil tendencies may actually be inbred. None of the Rothschilds had a moist eye over Hitler's demise. They themselves pledge allegiance to a higher evil which controls them as much as they control us and which will some day betray them as well.
That's how I see it.
\"...if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us. George H. W. Bush, Sr., 1992.
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