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Default Re: Jesus Did State He Was God; Here's the Proof!

Along with Lincoln and Kennedy, I think Andrew Jackson is largely forgotten for his role in boldly opposing the establishment of the National Bank in the early nineteenth century, as far as I know, the first attempt by the elites to establish a Federal Reserve-type of central banking in this country. Jackson stood down a character named Nicholas Biddle, probably the Henry Kissinger of his day, picked by the bluebloods to run their new national bank and unscrupulously loyal to them.
Jackson's political career probably ended prematurely as a result of his reluctance to turn the country over to the financial vultures who have picked our financial bones clean since 1913, and after surviving an 1835 assassination attempt, he retired to The Hermitage, his plantation estate in Nashville and died in relative obscurity in 1845.

Andrew Jackson's Opposition to the National Bank

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