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Default Re: Blame God, not me!

Nomad, it would seem to me that all that you mentioned would serve to make Christians who have NOT been taken in by Bush even stronger in their faith.

God will not be mocked and He commanded that his name not be taken in vain. As a pseudo-Christian (He is a Satanist, he smirks at the weekly Prayer Breakfasts), Bush has mocked the religion and to say that God told him to attack Iraq is the ultimate where taking God's name in vain is concerned, wouldn't you say? It makes mere swearing pale by comparison.

Toss in "Thou shalt not bear false witness" regarding the pack of lies he helped fabricate and use for starting the war along with "Thou shalt not kill/do no murder," (feel free to add any that I may have overlooked that apply) you have the American version of the Anti-christ. Not the ultimate one, but a good trial run, for sure, to see if people will "buy it" and follow him.

How better to show him up for the charlatan and puppet of the NWO than to hit him where it hurts, in his ability to keep financing his war. With all the implications that Katrina and Rita have provided, he will have to crash the economy to keep spending at it's current level.

HAARP or another scalar weapon may have "tweaked" the hurricanes but even that was turned to His purpose, ultimately, as it serves to prove that the Emperor has no clothes and make people aware of his perfidity.

He worships at the altars of Mamon, Mollock, Bachus and ultimately Satan himself. Look at the offerings he has provided to his true gods. Millions, to date, and still counting.

If an agnostic like me can see this, where are Christians looking? :-?
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