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Default Re: Moral Poverty Cost Blacks in New Orleans

How long did it take for Zimbabwe to go back to pre-colonial status again?
About ten years as the "decent" British establishment fobbed off Mugabe and the genuine desire for blacks to have some land to farm.

Go here for a CC thread on the topic.

If there's one thing that REALLY pisses me off is when "white men" stand back, "tisk, tisking" the darkies while they have a direct hand in the calamity.

But yes, black America, black Africa and black Australia must sooner or later realise only THEY can lift themselves up from the shit and take ultimate responsability for their plight. That might also include acknowledging the "white mans" hand which more often is not offering a helping hand, but a fist.

As Lauren Van Der Post (a man dedicated to Africa) often said..."a man exposes himself in Durban and people cry 'the system, the system' but what of personal responsability?"

What did Ghandi say about Western Civilization? "It might be a good idea".
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