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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

Hate Crime Laws

"Hate Crime" is a new name for an old game.

The object of the game is to stop all investigation and reporting of real hate crimes, and to prevent the exposure of the criminals behind them.

The "Hate Crime" game as actually played is a "Hate Truth" game. Itís the Orwellian "doublespeak" in practice. Itís Nietzscheís "transvaluation of values". Itís Einsteinís "relativity". Itís Deweyís "new logic". And, behind all this, it is Satanís "angel of light deception".

"Truth", in this game, is the thing that is really hated. The enemy in the game--"The Truth seeker"--must be thwarted, slandered, libeled, eradicated. All values and Truths must be perverted and made "relative" and everyone must become "tolerant" of the perversions. "Absolute Truths" are the most hateful of all to the lovers of lies who devote themselves to this game. They declare in every university classroom: There is no such thing as "Absolute Truth"! (And thatís the absolute truth....)

So, at bottom, the suppression and elimination of certain powerful Truths is what "Hate Crime" laws are all about. If these few loaded Truths were to get out of the bag world wide, the whole game of defeating Truth would be over and the real criminals would be exposed. Thus, suppression and elimination--and spreading endless lies and confusion about what Truth is--are priorities for the real criminals. They must never relax their vigil, and they must be ever active with "democratic" sounding strategies that will protect "the evil they call `goodí" (Is. 5:20).

Thus, oozing "tolerance" and "altruism" at first, of course, the scope of "Hate Crime Laws" steadily broadens. Increasingly stiff fines and prison sentences are pronounced on those known to be "politically incorrect" or even guilty of "thought crimes". Lenin and Stalin instituted Hate Crime laws early on in the officially atheistic Soviet of the first being to outlaw any anti-Jewish speech or writings. Many countries are moving steadily toward following the Soviet Communist pattern by enacting similar laws today. In the USA there is an unmistakable crescendo from the Jewish controlled ADL, WJC, ACLU, etc., for the passage of ever more broad and harsh Hate Crime laws with the same goals.
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