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Default Carl Jung. New Age Subversive Or Genuine Truth Seeker?

Here is a little extract from a documentary called "Matter Of Heart".

Note "Sir Laurens Van Der Post" talking of the greater and greater monopolies forming a totalitarian system.

Van Der Post was Prince Charles close mentor and good friend of Lord Mountbatton. He was also Godfather to the 2 Princes William and Harry. He died in 1999.

There is some talk that Prince Charles is a Mason. I have doubts given the influence that Van Der Post has over him.

One of the big flaws Jung is accused of is his failure to take into account the "conspiratorial" nature of world events. This is valid. However the "Jungian" claim that one must change ones self first has some validity otherwise one may find ones self sparring with ones shadow. Perhaps. Hard call.

Note Jungs "vision" before he died in 1961 of a world wide catastrophe. He drew it as the last 50 years of western civilization. That makes it around 2011-12.

I have hear Jung accused of being a Mason. I find it laughable. He DESPISED secret societies. His whole psychological viewpoint is that one must have a personal relationship with do that by becoming ones self as opposed to simply doing and thinking what you were told from birth.

It seems most people either love him or hate him. Few manage an objective viewpoint.


Mans relation to God probably has to undergo a certain important change: Instead of the propitiating paraise to an unpredictable King or the childs prayer to a loving Father, the responsable living and fulfilling of the divine will in us will be our form of worship and commerce with God.

His goodness means grace and light and his dark side the terrible temptation of power.

Man has already receieved so much knowledge that he can destroy his own planet.

Let us hope that Gods good spirit will guide him in his decisions because it will depend upon mans decision whether God's creation will continue.

Nothing shows more drastically than this possibility how much of divine power has come within the reach of man.

C.G Jung. 1956

Here's a link to some Jung quotes.

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