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Default Re: A lot of bigotry here, I notice (RANT TIME)

Draken wrote:
Nexuseuss wrote:
Is there only one path to a belief in a loving almighty creator/father/mother?

If your answer is no, you're on the wrong path.
If my answer is 'no', there is NOT only ONE path to a "belief in a loving almighty creator/father/mother", THEN HOW CAN I BE ON THE WRONG ONE?

I'm sorry Nex, but your logic is flawed.

I think YOU'RE missing the point.

If someone does you a good turn out of the kindness of their heart, do you call it good or do you call it evil?
But what if they're NOT doing you a good turn out of the kindness of their heart? How can you tell, whether it's genuine kindness or manipulation?
How can anyone tell who is genuine and who is not based solely on the religion they affiliate with? That's dangerous territory for most followers of any mantra.

If there is no one path to get to the same destination, as you mentioned, then all paths are equally permissable.

Have you never been in a relationship where your partner is being extra kind to you, only to find out that there's something they want you to do for them that you might not even want to do?

That's called emotional blackmail.
? What planet do you hail from? Name a relationship which doesn't give to want to recieve something at one point. Besides which, doesn't make for a terribly good comparison to deities, spirits, Gods, and such.

Or another case, typical of New Age Hare Krishna:

they come up to you to "give" you a cookie "for free" only to ask you to "give" something to them - "for free"! That's not "doing you a good turn out of the kindness of their heart", that's manipulation and emotional blackmail.
OMG, not the Hare Krishnas! What about church bizarres, fairs, bake sales, and fun raisers?

You think they're doing you a good turn for the pure goodness of it when they lure you in with promises of cakes, hoagies, or a chance to win goldfish, or a large hamper of spirits?

Emotional blackmail anyone? If they needed money, why didn't these patrons just give it to the organisations and religions to begin with?

Shush Draken. All you want is to place your favourite religions on a pedestal, and urinate on those you don't care for.
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