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Default Re: The Truth About Jesus

I don't know about all that stuff, Ahmad.. What if I believe that evolutionary processes shaped this planet and Adam and Eve are symbols for things that people in the dark ages didn't, or couldn't understand?..

Why am I being fed a diet of things that go against the grain of reason and science?.. In case you didn't notice, science has managed to put sensing units beyond the solar system.. What are we supposed to believe.. A bunch of what looks like to me to be myths.. and abandon the sciences that have extended our lives threefold in the last millennia?..

I know you have a song to sing about some guy who claims to have figured out how the Universe works according to the numerological systems of 9's, and 1's..

While you are studying this very profound subject.. scientists are creating life in test tubes.. And it it's beginning to look like mankind and all living creatures are biomechanical.. And perhaps this world is a computer simulation, as science discovers the 11th dimension.. Thru quantum physics.. and if you don't believe in quantum theory.. You are wrong ..because it exists, and the proof is in the laser scanners at the grocery store.

Come out of the Age of Ignorance, and start reading stuff that is proven... and works, time after time.. Even though it is just a theory.. And that is what slays me.

People who think that just because it is a "Theory" it is not proof.. If you understood what science is you would realize that, every time we learn something we add to the knowledge base..

Fact and truth are relative to the times we live in and the methods, and systems we use to define our existence.. Copernicus, and Galileo were killed for stating what are the excepted beliefs of today.

Oh, I give up.. All I will will hear is a bunch of Dogma, and people yelling, telling me that the world is flat and that the Sun goes around the Earth, because they read it in some Big Black Book.

Forgive me while I barf.
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