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Default Most enslaved nation?

I had this thought yesterday, and to me it clearly seems to be China, especially in light of their 'Model Country' award it got from the UN.

From the mobile execution vans, to the way Falun Gong and Christianity are roundly demonized, and its adherents suffer horiffic torture and even death, their lives are dominated and their own government is quite ready and willing to brutalize their own people.

Moreover, the Chinese Communist Party owns all land, at least in the country side, and leases it to peasants with extremely high taxes (feudalism). In this video you see the government kicking the peasants off their land and in the accompanying article it tells you that guns are TIGHTLY REGULATED.

As well, they seem have created a very strong schism between the countryside and the city folk. Most overseas Chinese love to boast about their 'Showcase Cities' like Shanghai and Beijing, while they are embarrased about the plight of their people in the countryside. Their less privileged countrymen face quotas for entering universities and have their movements restricted, and are prayed upon by the city folks in a gigantic and oppressive pyramid scheme. It's quite the caste system.

I've also noticed that they seem to be extremely materialistic and morally bankrupt. It is one of the plastic surgery capitals of the world, where women try to emulate western looks, and in a recent survey a majority claimed to want to marry foreigners. But the flipside to this coin is how their government at the same time fans the flames of Western hatred (often a wag the dog situation) in the universities, where they talk about defeating America and the West almost the same way the Wahhabists do. This makes them into a malleable mush, easy to manipulate.

What I see over all in China is the individual spirit almost completely snuffed out, and how it has tranformed into something that wants to be part of an empire. It's this noble lie of statism that is the road to evil, I believe. Jesus said that we have to holy, to be separate.

Anyway, enough incoherent ranting for now. Your picks for most enslaved nation?? :-P

\"six or seven men can plunge the nation into war, or, what is perhaps equally disastrous, commit it to entangling alliances without consulting Parliament at all.\"

--Andrew Carnegie
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