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Default Re: The Truth About Jesus

Many people here think that i am a "Muslim", while i said it more than once that i follow "Submission" the religion named by your father Abraham.

The Muslim clergy have all these nonsensical claims you mention, the highest Saudi religious authority "Abdul Azeez Bin Baaz" (President of the Islamic University of Medina, Saudi Aarabia) declared in 1975 that the earth is flat and standing still!!, what was his basis? the satanic books of Hadith.

As for Quran it conforms with logic and science, there are no mysteries or secrets, all is crystal clear.

The earth ROTATES in Quran,

[27:88] When you look at the mountains, you think that they are standing still. But they are moving, like the clouds. Such is the manufacture of GOD, who perfected everything. He is fully Cognizant of everything you do.

The BIG BANG was designed by God,

[21:30] Do the unbelievers not realize that the heaven and the earth used to be one solid mass that we exploded into existence? And from water we made all living things. Would they believe?


I know how Satan drives people away from God, by pushing them into extreme perceptions of the message of God. Some may say that Quran is too complicated to understand (as the Muslim did, and thus turned to the Hadith books) and some would say it's too illogical, unscientifical and ignorant, however this is FAR from the truth. I believe everybody deep inside knows the truth from falsehood, however the majority choose to ignore the call of their hearts, Satan gives them excuses to help them out!, do not be shortcircuited like the majority, you are smarter than that.
God\'s alternative, USN

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[3:19] The only religion approved by GOD is \"Submission.\"...
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