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Default Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint



Do you have an original thought in that head of yours and will you please type it out as it is rather wearisome re-reading posts, that have already been posted before.

Move on chum and be creative, please, in your comments to myself - I find it more entertaining.

You have used Lynn's words, my words, lots of other poeple's words - how about your own words, duckie? P.S. What do all those "T"'s mean?

Looks like, the webmaster hasn't seen fit to remove me or you or Lynn from this forum, as of yet. Keep praying... someone may answer you, wave their magic wand, and all traces of me will be removed from this forum.Is that your wish? Did I guess right?

Good luck. Keep trying Rushie.

We're all cheering you on. This forum would not be the same without you. You'll get there, one day. God Bless and keep smiling, sunshine!


N.B. If YOU are complaining about me... why are you playing the role of Lynn's knight in shining armour? I am certain she is more than capable enough of standing up to me or anyone here. I'm sure she would complain, if she felt the need. I'm sure she would tell me straight, as that appears to be her nature from the original text, created from her own thoughts. She appears to shoot from the hip. That also does not mean I agree with her reasoning.

You, on the other hand...I think you are a little shit disturber. That is my opinion. What goes around comes around duckie and shit doesn't look so good when its coming, head on.

Was that little last post of yours trying to egg her on to your defence? Can't you fight your own battles? A typical bully, is what you resemble on this forum, in my mind. You are fine as long as everyone agrees with you but let someone challenge your little thoughts and its on the aggressive offensive you go - wah, wah, wahing all the way.

Sooky baby.

This thread should be renamed "understanding NWO tactics C/O the Canadian Loonie: Rushie-boy". I am more than woman enough to take it and YOU, picked on the wrong woman.
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