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Default Re: The Truth About Jesus

Cool.. Ahmad.. I was expecting you to yell.. I enjoyed your response...

By the Way.. I believe Submission is the Mother of all religion.. It is in Christian practice the belief that all we need to do is ask in our prayers.. That it be in Heaven as it is on Earth and submit ourselves to our destiny..

Who are we to pray for things that we have no knowledge of?

Are we to ask God for things at all, or accept that our prayers for things and events are just vanity, that might get in the way of a plan that we cannot conceive?.

Submission is the Mother of Faith and the center of higher truth...Because we will never know what we did for the greater Glory of God... If our Prayers were only that we walk in path of The Devine guiding light, God's will well be done.

Peace brother. (I don't know about all this 9 and 1 stuff).. But perhaps there is a relationship.. I just can't see it now.. O.K.
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