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Default Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint

Unfortunately the kind, intelligent and well educated lynns_shadow has decided to leave the website because someone was always making uncalled-for and abusive comments to her.
( those T's just act as a dividing line )

Mary wrote about lynn:

Lynn: Good - piss off.
I'm fed up being nice to idiots.

I come here to challenge what I have been taught to believe. Sometimes I challenge other people to question what they believe too. And in your case, you being a woman, supposedly, (I don't know who is typing behind your little love notes) I am so sick and tired of the few select christians trying to tell everyone alse they are going to hell.

Lady, that kind of attitude ain't gonna get you, or your kind, very far in life.

People like you can kiss my ass. I don't like your kind.


I believe the future is gonna be bright... somewhere down the road... when the truth comes to light. Peace.
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