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Eaton_Emily wrote:
i really don't know where to start here. i'm quite intimidated by a lot of this subject matter.. especially since my eyes have only recenly begun to open to the events unfolding around me. i carry a new and frightening sense of urgency i've never felt before.. and i don't know why. all i know is that time is drawing short and i have to do something though i have no idea what, or why.

and welcome; you need not be intimidated. There is a history of the world as never seen before here on clubconspiracy.

Read and you will become educated about the Illuminati, those who truly control the world and the events you see unfolding before your eyes today.

There is an education awaiting you here that is not taught in the public education system or reported on mainstream media.

So, read, learn and pass it on.
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