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Default Re: Most enslaved nation?

Good post THUMPER.

The coastal areas drive the economy. They hate their peasantry. The peasants are soon to be culled via Asian Bird Flu.

China is a filthy hole. It is a disgrace. The people live like pigs and their 5000 year old culture has been destroyed by rampant materialism of the most debased and disgusting kind.

All anyone in China talks about is competing and beating the West in ALL things.

They are a brutalised and doomed nation...what do we expect under these Communist thugs?

"Fascism bad"? Yes, but at least they look after their own kind. What is this abomanation called "Communism"? Truly the work of the devil.

Asians in general have a HUGE inferiority complex with "whitey". So, they do their best to emulate the worst excess's of Western Civilization. What suckers!

China is being set up for a GIANT fall! One step outa line and they will feel the full wrath of the Globalists. The same people who pull Goergy's strings pull there's.

With but a pull of a few monetary strings, a few dashes of a keyboard, that country will descend into absoloute chaos. It is already on the brink. That is why the Bird Flu must strike their soon. It will again centralise power and allow full throttle to the thugs to simply seal off the central provinces and wipe out the restless peasants who'd like a little peice of the pie...and to stop having their 3000 year old villages swamped by hydroelectric dam projects.

Truly, no other country emulates true evil than China. Thank God for Japan.

At least the chinese and other nations are for the most part aware of their enslavement ...whereas here the vast majority can't even see it !
The Chinese are used to being peasants. They have no problem with thugs for leaders. It's the abject poverty and dislocation from land and anscestors that is riling up the masses.

The average Wetserner knows he's a waged slave. But the "widgets"! Oh the widgets!
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