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Where you find find this beahviour.

This behaviour is absoloutly normal. No matter your creed, your race, your religion, when you fight an enemy "different" from you "physically", "culturally" - ...this is what you get.

When Christian fought Christian in 2 world wars the other looked at the other and said, "hey , that could be me".

When the Germans went into Soviet Russia they found people living like pigs...untermenschen. Lowly Slavs - poised for the invasion of Europe. Restraint at first but once the Russians "mutilated" a company of Germans it was on for young and old. Tit for tat.

This is war.

There are no "nice" wars.

This behaviour is standard.

And when the collapse of the American economy begins and the troops come home...guess what!

These will be the people taking your guns. Pulling you out of your house and raping your daughter and wife.

Debased, depraved human beings who will also have been given the option of joining up to going to jail. What a combination! What an absoloutly LETHAL combination.

Quit your postal worker job now if you value getting home for dinner.
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