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Default Re: How the Ten Planks of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO were Accomplished in America

Just to note...

Have finished reading...

Stalins Folly: The Secret History Of The German Invasion Of Russia, June 1941. Constantine Pleshakov


Hitler came very close to winning the Second World War in June 1941. Despite obvious preparations, his invasion of Russia caught the Red Army by surprise and almost destroyed it in the first ten days. The catastrophe has often been laid at Stalin's door but the true story is only emerging now as secret Russian archives are opened at last. Since 1991 a wealth of hitherto secret Soviet material has become available: cables from Russian spies, Politburo documents, diaries of Stalin's generals and secret police - but they are all in Russian and have not been translated.

Russian historian and novelist Constantine Pleshakov reveals what really happened in the critical first ten days of the greatest land campaign in history; how Stalin massacred his own officers to stay in power; when he planned to attack Germany; and who stepped in when he panicked and fled the Kremlin. From the torture chambers of Stalin's secret police to the inside story of the critical politburo decisions, and the key events at the frontline, this is a major new contribution to the history of the Second World War.
Stalin was poised on the offensive to invade Western Europe. He was to attack in Mid 1942.

Perhaps the role of Hitler will be rewritten now to a more honest accompanyment.
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