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Default Re: gauging NWO progress by hollywood productions

Hey nohope I like this post ... and this quote reminded me of some old masonic tricks of the trade:

"Matrix 1-3- this one's probably the most blatantly obvious as Neo poses as the Messiah."

Neo in the green language is One as in the ONE

also the movie THE ONE with Jet li was pretty strange - Multi verse traveling , killing all of your other "selves" so you can be stronger.
When it came down to the last 2 Jet li's - The evil one said it did not matter who killed who because the last battle would result in death for one and the other becoming God like???
Freakin weird flick man!!!

Anyways, have you noticed that most of the actors that agree to these NWO movies are all scientologists? or at least chum it up with the elite's.

The passion of the christ has Porn Stars as its main characters! .. I don't know some crazy stuff out there
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