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Default Re: Comments at the Gas Pumps

Nomad, thanks for the website, I have already sent it a dozen folks who are interested in alternative fuel. Maybe they already know about it but, if not, they do now - thanks to you.

Tell me, is this guy still alive? So many in the past have come up with any number of workable alternatives to fossil fuel only to be bought off or killed off.

Surely though, a water-fueled engine has to be the best yet. What is your take on "peak oil?" The reason I ask, the Seven Sisters are not going to let any one or any thing get in their way of holding us hostage to the gas pump as long as they own a barrel of crude.

I saw no date on the video, how long ago was this and where is Groveport? Wouldn't you know, the damned military would jump on it like a duck on a junebug!

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