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I have a few questions.

What is the political and philosophical make up here?
No group or person above criticism. Left and Right equally stupid. Powerful people like staying powerful. And will kill, maim, destroy, lie, cheat, subvert, to do so. So dont tell me there AINT no 2 or more poeple coming together in secret to work towards a common goal using the above mentioned methods.

Is there a place in this group for a simi-Objectivist-atheist that doesn't believe that Jews are behind all the worlds problems?
What makes you so sure that they ar'nt? With an awful lot of complicit WASPS following like little lap dogs behind...and some right up the front.

Please note this building...

Note the pyramid and suitable all seeing eye. The same that is on the U.S $1 bill. Here for you again...

Do you find it strange that the member of an Elite Banking House (Rothschild - formerly Bauer) should find it nescessary to pay up front, in it's entirity, this Supreme Court Building in Israel?

Do you find it's structure a little "strange"?

There is much to learn my friend. Stick around. I learnt most of what I know of the Occult nature of the NWO program here. And just because YOU dont do it and YOU find it strange does not mean that extremely rich and powerful people are into all sorts of things that are totally bizarre to the untrained eye.

If I like Microsoft..
That IS sick. The man has been pampered from birth and attained a position of extraordinary power with one of the WORST operating systems EVER invented by the mind men...and it was'nt even HIS! Spare me.

...and think Capitalism is a good thing will I be ostracized?
I like Capitalism too. In it's pure and women working hard to attain assets and goods and services for the benefit of themselves and their long as they do not lose their soul in the process. It may dissapoint you to know that Capitalism has NEVER existed on this planet. Just monopolist/cartelist/socialist's who wipe out anyone attempting to make a go of it and threaten "their" interests. We have "crony capitalism" at best.

If I think that Katrena and the tsunami were both caused by HAARP to get people to give FEMA more power would you call me crazy?
You're crazy to think you will be thought of as crazy for those remarks.


Just dont bring up multi dimensional lizards.

And dont be a "cant take the heat" forum girlie man!
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