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Default Re: Moral Poverty Cost Blacks in New Orleans

I think it as a fact that most of the people left in New Orleans were counting on government support for help after the Hurricane and flood. Its the purpose of welfare statism to create a underclass to "help," otherwise there would be no need for the system at all.

The fact that most of the people left behind were black is not nearly as interesting as the probability that they were at least 90% Democrats.

No matter what caused the hurricane it was a flood that did the most damage.
It was levies breaking that caused the flood.
It was Environmentalists like the Sierra Club that blocked the Army Corps of Engineers from fixing the levies.

These people care more for alligators and mosquitos than human beings and 1000s of dead bodies are the proof.

The main proof of Liberal guilt for me is how they started blaming anyone and everyone for the problem but themselves.

The conditions of New Orleans right now isn't the fault of incompetent Government as much as it is the fault of a degenerate philosophy that asks human beings to sacrifice themselves to anything they can but do it fast and hard because the mothership is leaving soon for planet Hegel and there might not be enough koolaid for everyone.


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