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Default Re: Comments at the Gas Pumps

Barbara wrote:
Oh, guys, it's enough to make a preacher cuss. There is just no end to it.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't where the patent office is concerned. Guess you could go to Pango Pango, produce the engine with an automatic explosive device if anyone but you tinkered with it to avoid reverse engineering, sell the first ones (10 or more) for $100,000.00 in gold each, then take the money and run. If you live frugally, that would last a while.

Of course, that only works BEFORE you go to the Patent Office. Too late for poor Stanley Myers in every way but maybe future inventors will be forewarned. He joins the ranks of many who have paid dearly for their genius.

Did you hear the part about his education? Sure explodes the myth that you need a college education in todays hitech world, doesn't it?

You folks have a wealth of information and this old anarchist enjoys reading many of your posts, links and all.

Many of these devices were made possible because

of a LACK of formal "education" ... the inventors

simply followed intuition without knowing what

is supposedly not possible.

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