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Hi I'm from London, England. Although, I suspect Iím one of the few English people on here!

I first got interested in truth seeking when I became disillusioned with the political system. I couldnít understand why my culture was being attacked by large-scale immigration, political correctness, feminism and an ever-increasing materialism. I fell into the divide and rule trap of attacking the problem instead of the cause, full of hate directed at the wrong people. I noticed a pattern of the left and the right playing off each other yet continuing the same policies, all they changed was the packaging. I realised they must be working together, it was the only logical explanation. I saw that we had been set up in some way but for what I didnít know. In a mad state of confusion I got reading.

The sites I found on the New World Order were mind-blowing yet somehow they made sense, after many, many hours of reading everything connected together and until I find a better explanation of the truth I will stay loyal to the cause. Henrys excellent site has been a gentle yet at times explosive introduction to what is going on and why, creating this forum will spread the truth that little bit further. Henry Rocks!

I other my respects to those that have been truth seeking for many years, in one case thirty! I can only learn from you, thanks.
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