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Default Re: Is 666 the number of the beast or the Quran?

Since I am white I am going to throw out this observation to who ever wants to recieve it:

White people are pretty damn racist.
I swear. We have names for everybody. Especially other white races. We have the newfies , frogs are frenchmen , sour krauts are the germans , limeys are the English. We even make fun of accents. In bastan .. I mean boston. The yankees
The southern drawl .. you must be a red neck.
What aBOOT canadians/canuks?
The germans do not like the french who do not like the english who would like to own ireland and scotland. Internal fighting for centuries.
Can't really agree on one religion , although i'd estimate a large percentage of white people believe in Jesus. On the other hand we have all the occult practices which are predominantly old white man's clubs.

I had a korean friend who said that the same goes for most of the asian countries...
the tower of babylon carries on.
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