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Default Re: Executive Orders and FEMA

Freeman, try hitting him with a few links that spell it out for him. He is not one of my favorite people, he tends to run his mouth before his brain is engaged. Bad habit. Indicative of "Aces and Spaces" from whince I hail.

You might point out the language used, the
terminology, when refering to the victims of Katrina. That was a dead giveaway that FEMA was loaded for bear in an aviary.


BlueAngel, the entities you were asking about are called NGOs, Non Governmental Organizations, who act in an "advisory" capacity (yeah, right). They are running the show and deciding policy.

To keep up the charade they continue to let the herd vote. Jimmy "The Tooth" Carter announced that Gore won the last election, so what does that tell you?

There is no way to fix that which is irreparably broken, namely our Constitutional Republic. It is time to act on Jefferson's advice about watering the tree of Liberty with the blood of tyrants.

Those who have taken the time to become informed recognize that we and our country are in deep doo-doo, to put it nicely, and things are going to continue to get worse - a lot worse.

Things aren't bad enough yet for the average Joe 6-Pack to notice, if he still has his beer, TV, Pickup Truck, house and a job that allows him to make the payments on all of the above.

Sad thing is, most people/families are 1-2 paychecks away from catastrophy, no house, pickup, food, etc. What happens then?

A coup d'etat took place in 1913 in this country with the Federal Reserve Act. The coup de grace will be those left after the dust from civil disorder settles marching into the Concentration Camps built years ago for American Citizens. They will have to thin the herd first, so maybe that is why they are ordering huge amounts of Anthrax for "government" use.

What can we do? Do you love your freedom? Enough to fight for it? Enough to die for it?

If YES then be prepared to act when the time comes.

If NO, just sit back and do nothing, when they kick in your door and start to drag you out, have a very small "away" bag packed, bend down and kiss you butt goodbye.

These are the only two choices we have left. Leaving the country won't get it, they own it all.
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