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Default Another Zionist Propaganda Victory

Another Zionist Propaganda Victory
by Dave Kersting Sunday, Sep. 25, 2005 at 1:52 AM

The photos of the LA march tell the predictable story. Despite five years of work by real peace activists, the Zionists have once again managed to bury the one absolutely unbeatable antiwar reality and argument – the same reality and argument that are absolutely unbeatable challenges to Zionism.

The openly-declared, blazingly racist ethnic-cleansing of Palestine in broad daylight is utterly invisible in the demonstration, despite the fact that it is the core of all US-Israeli belligerence toward the Arab and Muslim world, and despite the fact that it is the one and only issue that makes the whole picture clear to ordinary Americans and progressives: which is WHY the Zionists need to keep the reality buried deep in a psychic fog.

The one and only sign which mentions Palestine in all the photos uses precisely the standard Zionist language, framing the “right of return” as in interesting idea, which we should “support.” This intentionally hides the reality: that we must STOP FINANCING and ACTIVELY COMMITTING the openly racist violence which PREVENTS Palestinians from going home, and violently trashes this ordinary human right EXPRESSLY because the victims are an undesired ethnicity.

All the Zionists and their compatriots have to do, in order to keep walking over a media-dazed, festivity-loving, Zionist-dominated “antiwar movement,” decade after decade, is keep it ignoring the openly-declared racist violence of a “Jewish” settler-state forced ever-deeper into Palestine. Any such indefensible racism at the core of any other expanding global conflict would be given the primary emphasis and absolute zero tolerance it deserves, but in this case it is not even mentioned in the Zionist orchestrated “antiwar” festivals.

The emphasis on “Bush” is a favorite Zionist ploy, ignoring the fact that, for the first full year of renewed Middle East violence, including the murders of, on average, six Palestinian children per week, no audible protest was heard from the comatose “progressive” lifestyle, which knew what was going on but stubbornly did nothing except silently, VOLUNTARILY continue financing that openly racist mayhem at a rate of 13 million US dollars per day. Bush – or someone like him – has always been the inevitable RESULT of just such Zionist thought-control, which continues, as seen in the feely-goody demonstration photos.

This “view” has been presented hundreds of times in the past five years, in all relevant internet forums and in the most scholarly studies, and it has never, ever been answered by any kind of rebuttal.

The Zionists simply keep shepherding our “antiwar” herds along, each individual totally incapable of seeing anything for him-or-herself – not EVEN something as clear as the need to protest violent state racism when it is happening right before our eyes, as plain as it can ever get.

THAT dumbed-down, whimsically irrational mentality, “even” at the “antiwar” level, is the ultimate and deepest source of our current problems: if an antiwar movement cannot even protest SPECIFIC racist violence, we must not expect anyone else to take the lead for us.

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