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Default Re: Executive Orders and FEMA

The average JOE doesn't have the time, the money or the resources to invest in a "movement against the NWO."

Just the way they like it! Slaves to their system. Just trying to get by, survive.


By the time the average JOE realizes how "BAD" it is, it'll be too late.

Just the way they like it.

They know how to plan. You've got to give that to them.

The rest of the sheeple have been conditioned/brainwashed for decades. There's no awakening them in time. They're content with their "false sense of security" that the NWO has provided for them and they go about their business "in a fog." Oblivious or either believing this is just a bump in the road and it will all go away next election.

They have no clue that their vote doesn't count. No clue that the NWO knows who will be in power before we do, before we vote. No idea about a "secret/corrupt" government. Nada, zip, zilch. They believe what they were taught in school. Like old dogs, can't teach them new tricks.

The youngsters are becomming informed and educated about the real history of our world, but not in time to make a difference.

All designed by the NWO so that their plan can be carried out with the least amount of resistance.

The rest, if they're awake, don't know what to do. Address our government?? Right!!!

So, we're all up you know what creek without a paddle.

I'm afraid there isn't an escape hatch.

So, I'll put some toiletries in my bag.

As far as the concentration camps, well, I was already warned, I'd be one of the first to go.

Thinning the population with Anthrax. I don't doubt it.

More fear, more power!!

Maybe ole' Woodrow should have thought twice about his actions before he threw away our Constitution and then apologized for it.
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