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Default Re: Articles you might find interesting - Prostituting Science.

Thank you both for the responses. Ahmed, I think you correctly identified the motive for the promulgation of evolutionary thought. Its introduction was accompanied by secularization, which provided the necessary philosophical segue for the occult doctrine of self-deification. In fact, transhumanist ideologue William Sims Bainbridge observed the following of secularization:

Secularization does not mean a decline in the need for religion, but only a loss of power by traditional denominations. Studies of the geography of religion show that where the churches become weak, cults and occultism explode to fill the spiritual vacuum.

Indeed, cults and occultism have exploded. It would appear that the esoteric religion of the elite is gradually being externalized and the world is in the process of being inculcated.

Jimbo, you are absolutely correct about the epistemological rigidity of science. As I point out in the article, radical empiricism is largely to blame. I also think that the philosophy of scientism is guilty. Scientism concerns itself exclusively with quantifiable entities and, thus, precludes all those things that are disproportionate with its finite systems of measurement. Thus, the human dignity, liberty, and spirit are immediately discarded. This much is confessed within the Report From Iron Mountain, which contends that science has relegated such axiomatic values to the realm of fantasy. Of course, the moral ramifications of such an assertion are enormous and frightening.

Thanks for the comments!
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