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Default Re: How to Succeed as a War Criminal

Have your ever thought that maybe more than one thing might be happening that people call the NWO?

The Jews are just a long time scapegoat. These ideas are so wide spread and popular itís obvious that they are engineered for their ability to polarize people in groups like this. Ideas as widely disseminated across the world and across the ages, as the Great Jew Conspiracy can only be a smoke screen.

The problem with working out the ones behind the NWO is there is more than one group trying to get power.

The two main groups are.

The Vast Right Wing Protestants back Israel as a means to there own ends. For "ends" read End Times. The sooner they get there 7 years of tribulation the sooner they can have their 1000 year rule Millennial Kingdom. They use Jews as pawns in their imaginary BS and destabilize the whole matrix of world power.

The Catholic Illuminati, with their New age BS, are trying to bring about a nirvana of Social and Economic Egalitarianism. They disseminating anti-Jewish propaganda as a smoke screen for there Communist/Nazi paradigm. As if it isn't obvious they are both equally invalid instead of polar opposites.

The Jews are just a long used pawn in this game.

One side puts them on a pedestal and the other side knocks them off. Neither side really gives a crap about them one way or the other.

The winner takes all. The problem is the billions of people stuck in the middle trying to figure out what the hell is going on and who is to blame in all the back stabbing, posturing, scheming and finger pointing.

Who do we blame and whom do we trust? That's the question.

Many people here think the answer is "Blame the Jews." I'm betting that is making both the Illuminati and the Millennialists smile real big.

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