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Default Re: Blame God, not me!

As a pseudo-Christian (He is a Satanist, he smirks at the weekly Prayer Breakfasts), Bush has mocked the religion and to say that God told him to attack Iraq is the ultimate where taking God's name in vain is concerned, wouldn't you say? It makes mere swearing pale by comparison.
I'm glad that you can see that even as an irreligious person by your own definition, Barbara. It reinforces my own belief that Bush's phony Christianity is a rational fact and not even open to religious interpretation.
Remember his sarcastic joke at the journalists' dinner: "No weapons of mass destruction here..." Could anything have made it more obvious that he knew he was lying and conniving from the start, and that he was sharing the joke with his partners in crime -- the Illuminati-controlled news media?
In fact, he is still joking about his inept performance as president to the members of the media who are supposed to be critiquing him:

Remarks by the President at the Radio-Television Correspondents Association 57th Annual Dinner
\"...if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us. George H. W. Bush, Sr., 1992.
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