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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

This evolution-grounded nihilistic mindset has been prevalent in and out of academia for several generations. It's not surprising that Sagan embraced it, nor that few if any dissenters toward that mindset would be found in NASAdom. By the time Sagan (and lots of us) went to the University, eight or ten generations of increasingly sophisticated indoctrination had seemingly closed and locked the door against any challenge to the Copernican Model which made the Earth go around the Sun instead of the Sun going around the Earth, as the Bible taught. The ever-increasing spread of Darwinism after the 1850's demanded millions and then billions of years for evolution to take place. Clearly, the Sun, Moon, and Stars had to be billions of years old too for they could not be younger than the Earth. Indeed, a universe billions of years old was the only way Evolutionism could lay hold on the billions of years it needs to lend even superficial credibility to its fantastic claims.

So, let it be set in factual concrete: Copernicanism and Darwinism (i.e., Heliocentricity and Evolutionism) are Siamese Twins. Appearing first, Copernicanism paved the way for Darwinism's success by using invented mathematical models in the physical science "disciplines" of Astronomy and Physics, and by contradicting the Bible's teaching about an immovable Earth at the center of Creation with the Sun going around daily. Darwinism then reinforced Copernicanism by requiring billions of years for everything to evolve. Now the Biological Sciences had joined with the Physical Sciences in contradicting the Biblical Creation with its young Earth and Man as the special Creation of God, made in His Own Image and with an option for eternal life on a heavenly New Earth. All that was needed by the time of Sagan's University days was a way to get rid of the stubborn, lingering belief in God's Creation of Mankind in six literal ("evening and morning") days. This belief had to be put on a level with the almost totally defeated and forgotten belief in a very special unmovable Earth at the center of God's plans. Nobody argued for that anymore, but hundreds of millions of people were still clinging to a conviction that evolution theory was total nonsense and that Mankind is the special creation of an Almighty God with a great purpose and plan for His Creation. How could this resistance to evolution be ended once and for all??
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